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Our second Horse Fever interview is now available. Zarna Carter presents some fascinating information and insight about Equine Positional Release. If you’ve never heard of it you are in for a real treat! Coming to us from Australia, Zarna has worked with horses all her life. She uses simple techniques to radically improve the performance of most any horse. It seems like magic but is very real.

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We are proud to present Dr. Robert Miller as our first guest interview on the site. I so enjoyed speaking with him and learned so much from his expert insight into horse behavior. I hope you will click here to listen in!
Listen to a wonderful interview with Dr. Miller

Shhh! Read the complete Dr. Miller interview transcript here!

“… my original goal was to find out why certain people, who are very successful in an unrelated field, abandon it in midlife to go into the horse industry with no guarantee that they

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